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Marsha & John

Happy Birthday Livy!!


Happy Birthday, Livy!!
Holy Moly is it HOT!!! I was so happy the first few days of school, such a nice cool start. It is making up for it now. I am out with the kids from 10 to 12:30 with a 30 minute break. Thankfully there is one large shady tree with a bench under it. That is where I stay :) Today most of the kids joined me. I go upstairs to 3/4 grades in the afternoon. Today we had the AC going full blast all day, ceiling fans and two other fans, it was 84 degrees, and the kids were hot and sweaty. The teacher took pity on them and let them draw for the last hour. Tomorrow is to be even hotter, I hope I make it........

Yeah, I was hoping we would slide gracefully into fall with the nice weather lately. But it's 95+ here too, and supposed to be like that all week, I think. --Gary

For some reason I felt like baking today. Probably all the amazing zucchini coming out of Lori's garden. So I got grandmas zucchini bread recipe & made 4 mini loaves, and then made these recipes, both of which were AMAZING. Everyone, even two picky eaters, loved them.

Zucchini Brownies
Zucchini Nutella Bread

I also used cucumbers & tomatoes from Lori's garden to make this great spin off of one of my favorite side dishes.

Lastly, because I saw this on pinterest when I was looking for the zucchini ideas, this cream cheese banana bread. I may never make normal banana bread again. AH-mazing!


Happy Birthday Zach!!
Dad & Mom

Happy Birthday Zachary!!!!!
First day of school over! For the first time it was a chilly start, actually needed a jacket at recess time. Thought I was fully recovered, but I now realize I'm not quite there. Think I will be in bed early tonight. Emily also had her first day today, she is at a different school this year. Erika is packed up and ready to move back to dorm on Sunday.

Almost a chily day here, too. It felt sort of like the first day of school always used to feel -- back when school started in the fall and not on the hottest day of summer. Lincoln campus is coming back to life too, with all the students returning and cars and vans unloading in the streets around the dorms. --Gary

Anyone in need of a mid-week laugh, here's a clip from Kicking and Screaming:

Big day for Tristen yesterday. After two years, her teeth were set free! Check out these before and after photos that Amanda sent in (thanks, Amanda!). Correct me if I'm wrong, but the 4th shot is a gift basket of goodies which Tristen had been denied for two years, and the last shot is the dental team who did the work. Great smile, Tristen!

Happy Anniversary Marsha and John
Finally got out of the house today! Girls and I just got back from the grocery store, and I am a bit tired! Mostly back to normal though, amazing that my surgery was just 9 days ago and basically feeling good. Been crazy in neighborhood the last two days. Yesterday about noon I heard fire trucks, very close. Looked out the door and saw one across the street, then I saw a giant black plume of smoke, looked like it was coming from the neighbors house. The neighbor was out in his yard, so I went over to check, his said it wasn't his house. but the camper next door. Boy was it on fire, flames really coming out, but firemen soon had it handled. I think there were 4 fire trucks, 3 police cars, an ambulance and the fire chief all lined up the block. So all the neighbors were out chatting. The trailer is history, but no other damage. This morning I was up early and fixing my breakfast, looked out the window and saw Emily's car, and it had a gang symbol PAINTED on the side. I immediately called her and Brent to get up and check it out. She called the police (again 3 cop cars and a van) they took a few pictures and made a report, but nothing else to be done. I called the insurance company and made a claim. Called the 800 number, not sure where the lady was from. but she shocked to hear that we have gangs in Iowa, " just didn't think gangs were in Iowa". The insurance company set up an appointment for her take in to an autobody shop on Monday and she also will have a rental while it is being fixed. In the meantime I think she will drive my car. Just really doesn't want to drive around town with a gang symbol on her car.
Starting Monday I'm going to run the first San Francisco Week I did, way back in 2008. I had been thinking of putting together a new San Francisco Week, so I thought I should go back and look at the original ones to see what I had already covered. I was amazed to find out the first week was in 2008 and the second in 2009 -- seems like it was only maybe a year ago. (How is THAT possible??) Even so, it all seemed kind of new to me, and I thought maybe it would seem new to you, too. So instead of working up a new series, I will run the first set next week, then skip a week, and then run the second series the week of the 19th. One upside is, it gives me a two-week summer vacation of ready-made front pages! :-) Hope you enjoy the reruns.
Gary, the #tbt we talked about.... Made me laugh reading it again, 13 years later!

Merry Christmas, ho ho ho! Just like Rudolph. Umm. Clowns that hurt their selves & bite. Ummm. Trees don't fight & trees like kids, people, dads & the computer food. And trees like kids, moms, dads, people and trash cans, yup. Daddy has a saxophone in the umm... what is this called again? Mom? A case for saxophone stuff for my dad when he was born. Umm.... People click food, yeah that's funny. And people click CD's. Zoe just click her kitty litter. And zoe clicked her tail. Umm... You just clicked your coffee. Umm... Charlie Browns Christmas cookies. We will see you on your birthday, think they will have corn again? --Love, Tristen Bailey Metcalf

This blast-from-the-past came up the other night at Grandma's table, when Tristen was once again discussing corn, thirteen years later. --Gary