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Chocolate Eclair dessert.

New game day photo, thanks to Amanda!
Grandma- Ryan is in town this week & next & will be with us on Tuesdays. Still no Tristen- dance at 6:15 for her. See you tonight!
New photos arrived a few days ago (sorry for the delay). Thanks, Amanda!

Happy Birthday Gary, what are your birthday plans?

Well, the only thing I've been contemplating is calling Time-Warner and cancelling my cable. :-) Our cable service here is so lousy, and so expensive for what you get, that cancelling it would be the most satisfying gift I could give myself. And doing it tomorrow would have a certain symmetry to it, because it was several years ago on my birthday that I ordered my first cable premium package. It has been downhill ever since... --Gary


Happy Birthday, Gary!!
Marsha & John

Happy Birthday Gary!!
Geez, I just finished cleaning up a huge mess in the kitchen. Having an extra day off, I thought I would take advantage and make a few extra goodies. I already had several things cooking on the stove. I put a large dish in the fridge, as I was closing the door I thought boy that half full pitcher of bright red cherry crystal light is a little close to the door. It was! The whole pitcher of it came crashing down. I may have uttered a word or two which brought Emily and Erika to the kitchen. EVERYHTHING was dripping with red juice. The girls took every last thing out of the fridge while I tried to catch the drips on the floor. The counter was now overflowing with all the food from the fridge, the shelves, drawers. I had to clean out every inch of the fridge, then wipe off everything that went back into the fridge. Even the eggs were dyed red -- look like Easter :). I will still have to mop the floor. But boy is the fridge clean.....

That's a lot of labor for Labor Day... --Gary