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Old news: October/November 2000

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I don't have anything to write but people start writing, because the last one was when Gary, Donna, and Grandma went to Sioux city!!! I mean, come on people!!!

Grandma, Donna, and I will be travelling up to Sioux City on Saturday for the day, weather permitting.

Hey -- We were playing volly ball in p.e. and I accidently hit it with my thumb up and half of my nail came off and it really bloody and nasty. But we won 16 to 8.

I just have a cute little story about Tristen that I thought was funny so I wanted to share. Monday night she went out sledding when we got home. She went with the next door neighbor girl who is about 2 1/2 and her dad, down that big hill behind us. She had a blast. We played out there for about an hour. She came in we took off the wet shoes & socks & stuff & got her under the blanket to warm up. She kept saying my "nose is cold." So I said, " It's all red too, do you want to look," So I got her a little mirror & she sat there examining her face. A little later pointing to her nose & chin, she said, "Mom, will this turn peach again?"

Emily and Erika
We got 3 to 4 inches of snow last night. We get a two hour late start for school today! Erika was out playing in the snow at 6:30 this morning.

I just forgot what I was going to write so I'll be going now.

Hey i joined girl scouts last night and we are selling nuts. There are a lot of diffrent kinds and there is some candy too! So if you are intrested please call! 8)

VALAS ON SATURDAY! VALAS ON SATURDAY! VALAS ON SATURDAY! I vote for Valas on Saturday! I have to work on Friday, as I'm sure there are others who have to too, but I took off Saturday just for that fact, who cares if its a little busier, on Friday it would still be busy, but with buses full of school kids! PLEASE, hear my plea, SATURDAY! Plus if Ryan is still here that will be the day he will be able to go! Come on now! Remember who introduced you to the place!

Well this isn't really big we went to Perkins last night and while I was eating I lost a tooth! I bit into a peice of lettuce and it was so loose I had to pull it out. By the way I was eating one of their salad bread bowls and it was shrimp ceaser salad and it was very good.

We are planning a trip to Lincoln this week-end. Should be there either Friday night or Saturday morning. Hope to see everyone then! The kitties are doing much better. They "play" at fighting (or they really are fighting). Either way they are at least able to stay in the same room now. Erika got her ears pierced on Saturday. She was pretty nervous at first, but survived it. See you soon.

The New Orleans saga contiues... I took a walking tour of historic houses in the Garden district and saw Anne Rice's home as well as the childhood home of Cokie Roberts. I took a cruise on the Mississippi River in a steam powered paddle boat--the same kind that were used in the 1800's except this one is made of steel not wood. I had a great time and liked it second best. But the best part of the trip was the swamp tour. I saw a lot of aligators--the guide threw them marshmallows to get them to come up to the boat. There were big 'gators and baby 'gators, fruit bats, snakes and huge Cypress trees with spanish moss hanging on the limbs. We started out at dusk, but some turns led you to areas that you had to search past the trees for daylight. When it got dark, the guide used a huge flashlight to spot the aligators. The only way you could see them was by hitting light on their eyes--amber eyes female, red eyes male. My only regret on the trip is that I turned down honest to goodness moonshine that was offered by the tour guide afterwards. Oh well, maybe next time.

Sorry to go on about school, but hey, can't stop a girl from being proud & excited about something she's doing can ya? Communications test 100% Woohoo!!!! Looks like all the brains in the family went right here..... oh sorry Sean!