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Recent Photos

April 12, 2020


Our Easter feast. --Karen

April 2, 2020

stay home

I went to the store looking for hand sanitizer, I didn't find any, but came across this towel, seemed appropriate. --Karen

April 2, 2020


Some pictures from our parades. --Karen

March 23, 2020

virtual spirit week

Boe's school is having Virtural Spirit Week! Today is pajama day! --Emily

March 21, 2020


Back from our errands. Streets are much less busy. Walgreens drive through, clerk had gloves on. Bomgaars, same as always. Then a quick stop at Hyvee, Emily went there this morning and said security guard was in the toilet paper section. Brent wanted to see that, but the toilet paper and the guard were both gone. They were passing out a bunch of fresh daffodils to each customer on the way out. --Karen